Our trustee, Emma Lewell-Buck MP, has introduced a 10 minute rule bill asking the government to systematically measure household food insecurity. Having proper data on levels of food insecurity in the UK is so important, as it would provide a robust evidence base for policies to ensure no one goes hungry.

The Bill was scheduled to have its second reading on 2 February 2018, however due to time constraints was not brought before the House. The second reading has been rescheduled for the 26th October. 

The Bill now has cross-party support from over 150 MPs who want to make sure we can know the full scale of hunger in the UK.

Emma Lewell-Buck on the importance of measuring Food insecurity- if we can measure it, we can mend it.

How You Can Help

Contact your MP

Whether by email, letter, phone, at a surgery, or over social media, MPs need to hear from their constituents that this is an issue of importance to them.

The specific asks are:

  • attend the second reading of the bill on the 2nd of February

  • pledge your support for the bill

Further details on the Bill from Emma Lewell-Buck

Full draft of the Food Insecurity Bill

Full list of MPs supporting the Bill