We recognise that, at their core, many of the issues to do with hunger in the UK come down to the issue of money- of people having enough money in their pockets to be able to buy good quality, nutritious food in ways that respect their dignity.

We are focussing on two issues that we feel are key to making sure this is the case for everyone.

Wages and contracts

Based on the recommendations in the APPG on Hunger reports, we are keeping a watching brief on the adoption of the real living wage by employers, and on the impact of zero hour contracts.

Coming soon- we will be publishing an update on progress against each of the APPG on Hunger recommendations on the living wage and employment contracts.

Measuring household insecurity

Currently, there is no proper national measure of hunger or food insecurity in the UK. Having accurate data on this would mean the issue is recognised, and can be properly addressed through government policies based on reliable evidence. We are therefore calling for an annual national measure on household food insecurity.

Feeding Britain's trustee, Emma Lewell-Buck MP, is putting forward a private members bill calling for the introduction of this measure. We are encouraging MPs from all parties to support the bill.

We have also shared evidence to the Office for National Statistics consultations on measurement against the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Acting on the data

Measuring the problem is only the first step. Once a national measurement of household food insecurity is introduced, we will focus on monitoring the analysis and action that is taken at national level as a result, to ensure that the data translates into meaningful policies to prevent people going hungry.