While so many people are going hungry, it cannot be right that thousands of tonnes of good quality, healthy edible food is wasted.

Read our update on progress made against each APPG policy recommendation to improve food surplus redistribution here

Currently, a huge amount of surplus food is thrown away in food production, manufacturing and retail. This is food that is high quality and perfectly edible- it may be rejected because it is cosmetically imperfect, errors in the labelling or packaging, or simply because it has been over ordered in the system. Much of this food ends up in landfill or sent to anaerobic digestion.

We want to see more of this food being rescued and being used to feed people. Many of the projects we work with use surplus food to ensure people have access to a healthy and nutritious diet, such as our Citizens' Supermarkets and Holiday Clubs.

At a national level, we are working with expert partners to identify and promote the policies that can incentivise the redistribution of more surplus food for dignified human consumption. We are also working with companies and other stakeholders to help unlock some of the barriers to food surplus redistribution, and to provide practical opportunities for food producers, manufacturers and retailers to do more.

If you are a company and would like to work with Feeding Britain to ensure your surplus food goes to people who need it, please see Involve your Business, or contact us.

You can download and view a full report outlining progress made against each recommendation of  the APPG on Hunger to improve food surplus redistribution: Food surplus redistribution policy update May 2018