How to guides and case studies on setting up projects and initiatives that ensure people in need can access low cost, good quality food.

Chester Pay as you feel cafe

When Elitsa Yakimov first heard about the Real Junk Food Project, a global initiative intercepting surplus food to be redistributed on a pay as you feel model, she knew her hometown of Chester had to have one. After running her own Pay as you feel (PAYF) cafe for the first year Elitsa found that there was a lot more on offer than reduced waste and affordable food- the cafe became a place of belonging for some of the community's most socially isolated citizens.

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Cheshire West Holiday Food and Fun Clubs

The Welcome Network in Cheshire West and Chester were noticing a problem: community activities in Cheshire West stopped during the holidays just when children and families needed them the most. With a high number of children receiving free school meals across Cheshire, the holidays can become a stressful time for families on low budgets who now need to provide additional meals. By supporting projects already established in the community, the Welcome Network has created a sustainable approach to Holiday food and fun provision.

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