‘The other England’: Heidi Allen MP and Frank Field MP launch inquiry into chronic poverty

Feeding Britain Trustees launch second inquiry in to food poverty in EnglandRead more

Feeding Britain is hiring a project manager!

Feeding Britain is looking for an enthusiastic and competent individual to fill the role of Project Manager.Read more

Pathways out of poverty: new project coming 2019

Announcing a new project, Pathways out of poverty: helping people access emergency advice through community food projects, funded by the National Lottery.Read more

Poverty during the School Holidays

The Poverty and Inequality Commission's Advice for the Scottish Government on Addressing Poverty During School Holidays has been released today.Read more

Cafe Number 7 is hiring!

Seeking a full time catering managerRead more

Feeding Coventry is hiring!

Seeking a part-time Project Manager (contracted)Read more

A Hunger Free UK report

Feeding Britain publishes its 2018 vision for change: A Hunger Free UKRead more

Food bank parcels in the UK are nutritionally adequate - but remain a mere plaster on the deep wound of hunger in this country

The contents of Trussell Trust food bank parcels have been shown by some researchers to be nutritionally adequate. Robert Puddick, Nutritionist at the NHS Diabetes Prevention program, discusses the uneasy tension between emergency food aid and long term healthful solutions to hunger.Read more

Compassionate communities can solve hunger and isolation

A compassionate community can address hunger and ease social isolation. Stella West-Harling shares her learning and experience over the years which led to the creation of the Dartmoor Community Kitchen Hub.Read more

Improving Universal Credit by Listening to People Experiencing Hardship

The NAO has published a report on Universal Credit which highlights flaws in the system, and the inevitability of its roll out. Feeding Britain has been working with local networks across the UK to evidence the driving causes of hunger. Here we outline 6 key issues associated with UC which, if fixed, would reduce hardships faced by claimants.Read more

The Stability of Instability: A Reflection on Developments at West Cheshire Foodbank

Emma Greenwood and Holly White from West Cheshire Foodbank, and the Feeding Britain pilot in Cheshire West and Chester, reflect on recent reports from the Trussell Trust of a 13% increase in the distribution of emergency food through their network.Read more

Volunteers Respond to Holiday Hunger

Stephanie Denning, PhD researcher at the University of Bristol, asks what motivates volunteersRead more