Feeding Britain is determined that the summer holiday which has just concluded should be the last school holiday in which children in this country are hungry.

The Bill Set to End Holiday Hunger

Frank Field MP has presented the School Holidays (Meals and Activities) Bill, to require local authorities to facilitate the delivery of programmes that provide free meals and activities for children during school holidays.

The bill, which has cross-party backing from over 100 MPs, would give local authorities the duties and the resources they need to facilitate the delivery of programmes that provide free meals and activities for children who would otherwise go without.

Next Steps

The bill will receive its second reading in the House of Commons Friday 19th January 2018 when MPs will have a chance to vote.

The bill is most likely to pass into law if it carries support from the government; either in its own right, or included within a wider piece of legislation.

That is why Feeding Britain is campaigning to encourage MPs and the government to support the bill, to give it the best chance of being implemented.

How You Can Help

Contact your MP

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Contact your MP before 19th January 2018, contact your MP to ask them to support the bill. The specific asks are:
  1. To vote for the bill at its second reading on 19th January 2018. There are lots of competing pressures on MPs, so it’s really important to let them know that you think this is an important issue and that that they need to make sure they are in the House to vote for the bill on that day!
  2. To write to the Prime Minister to encourage her to adopt the bill as government legislation and ensure it passes into law. Please note, that over 100 MPs have already pledged to support the bill, and we’ll keep the list updated as more add their names. Please acknowledge this when you contact them, so that we can recognise those that are already committed to ending holiday hunger!

Contact your local authority

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The bill would give local authorities the duties and resources to ensure holiday provision is there for all children who need it. If local authorities would like support or advice in starting to plan, or scale up, holiday provision in their area, they can contact Feeding Britain who would be happy to discuss with them, share ideas from our work around the country, and help connect them with relevant support.

Tweet about it

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Join the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #HolidayProvisionBill. You can raise awareness of the issue, recognise those MPs who are already supporting the bill, and highlight the important work being done around the UK by existing holiday clubs.