Cornwall is in the top 10 fuel insecure areas of England, with a massive 36,000 households living in fuel poverty and 15% of residents finding it a problem to source the money they need to pay for utility bills. 

It's hard to understand that here in the UK there are people who don't have access to basic household needs. In response to this issue, Feeding Britain in partnership with the npower Foundation are raising funds to set up a Fuel Bank® in Cornwall, to ensure that fewer Cornish families have to choose between heating their home and feeding their family.

The issue

Behind the idyllic Cornish holiday destinations and famous restaurants many people are struggling to get by and put decent food on the table. 

We know that food bank users are often experiencing both food and fuel crises, and for many who are forced to make the decision between heating and eating, they choose to forgo the fuel. This then leaves them without the facilities to cook the food they are given by the food bank, as well as without access to energy for other basics many of us take for granted like lighting and hot water.

How Fuel Banks help

If we reach the £30,000 target, the Cornwall Fuel Bank® will provide a crucial lifeline to local families, offering emergency fuel to over 1000 people in need alongside their food parcel. The fuel bank will be based in the independent food banks run by Transformation CPR which supports anywhere from 400-700 people per month.

The fuel vouchers will give people the breathing space they need to get through the immediate crisis, and find the longer term help they need. Everyone accessing Fuel Bank® services will be offered longer term wraparound support, such as community involvement, employment and skills development, and advice services. This support goes beyond one-time emergency provision and empowers people to lift themselves out of a crisis and in to long term stability.

Learn more about fuel banks here.

Learn more about Transformation CPR Foodbank here.

Lend your support

To fund the Fuel Bank® we’ll be launching a Crowdfunder campaign on 5th July to raise £30,000. Every pound raised publicly will be match funded by the npower foundation, so your donation will be doubled. To make the campaign a success we need your support!

You can donate now to help start our funding pot or stay tuned for more details on the upcoming Crowdfunder campaign.

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